Maxwells of Today

These are the Maxwells who are out making a name for themselves right now.

Ronald F. Maxwell

Ron is a film writer, director, and producer and is best known for his landmark film Gettysburg. He is currently involved in preproduction work for his next two feature films, Gods & Generals and Last Full Measure, the prequel and sequel to Gettysburg, altogether comprising an epic Civil War Trilogy.

Mark Maxwell

Mark is an independant Wine producer in the McLaren Vale of South Australia He established Maxwell Wines in 1979 with his father, Ken. During the nine months of the year between vintages, winery equipment usually remains idle. Maxwell's however, utilise their winery throughout the,whole year in the production of Mead (honey wine). Mead makes a delightful cool mixed drink; a spiced mead which can be served hot; and a liqueur mead which contains a higher degree of alcohol is a great after dinner drink. Mark Maxwell's dynamic drive and innovative style make Maxwell Wines' future very interesting.

Neal Ash Maxwell

Neal is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Church of the latterday Saints.(The Mormans) Born in1926, Neal has been an army infantry soldier during the war before studying political science at the University of Utah. He was then in Washington, D.C., working as a legislative assistant to a Senator. In 1956 he returned to the University of Utah, where he  worked at a wide variety of faculty and administrative jobs culminating in the position of Executive Vice-President In 1970, he was appointed commissioner of education and in 1981 he was ordained to the Quorum.

Roger Francis Hamilton Maxwell

Roger is Minister of Immigration in the New Zealand National Parliament. He was born at Geraldine in 1941. He has a background in agriculture, and currently runs a mixed farm unit in Taranaki. He was first returned to Parliament in 1984 and has served in the Cabinet Committee of Enterprise, Industry and Training and the Cabinet Committee of Education, Training and Employment and the Cabinet State Sector Committee. He is married to Tui Maxwell, who is a trained school teacher. They have four children, Simon, Megan, Paul and David.


Kahu (Rev.) Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell

Known affectionately through out the Hawaiian Islands as Uncle Charlie, Kahu Maxwell is both a cultural and spiritual leader to the indigenous Hawaiian people. Charlie was with the Maui, Molokai police department for 15 years before being retired through injury in the line of duty. He became an ordained Hawaiian Priest and works as a teacher at the Maui Correctional Centre as well as a storyteller at Maui Ocean Centre. He has worked for the conservation of Sharks and Whales in the waters off the Hawaiian Islands and has a popular cultural radio show were he tell native Hawaiian stories and sings his own songs. Charlie is a direct descendent of Captain James Maxwell who first went to Hawaii in 1790.