Reproductions of Two Important Books on Maxwell History


Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok
by William Fraser. Originally published in 1863.
A two volume set of over 1100 pages.

The Book of Carlaverock: Memoirs of the Maxwells,
Earls of Nithsdale and Lords Maxwell and Herries

by William Fraser. Originally Published in 1872
A two volume set of over 1300 pages.

The embossed armorial covers reproduced on the new editions are identical to the originals. Pollok to the left and Carlaverock on the right.

These excellent reproductions were printed in the late 1980's by Littleton Maxwell's Prince Maccus Publications. They are printed on good quality paper and very well bound in embossed cloth covers. There is a limited number of the 1980s printing still available on a first come first serve basis.

$150 For the complete four volume set
or $75 for each of the two volume books

Postage within the United States and Canada is $10 (subject to local conditions)
and overseas approximately $60.

These are heavy volumes (as our packaging team will vouch)
and correspondingly expensive to ship.

The Maxwell historic content of these books is extensive. The language is a little old fashion and some of the historical facts a bit blurred and indeed some of it has been overtaken by more recent discoveries. However, overall there is an abundance of Maxwell history in these books. The originals are extremely rare with less than 100 of each being printed. The author, William Fraser, later Sir William Fraser, was a professional genealogist and wrote some of the best genealogical histories of prominent Scottish Families ever written. Today his books can fetch in the order of $1000 for the usual two volume sets and a great deal more for the leather bound versions.
These reproductions come with the highest recommendation and will make excellent heirlooms for any Maxwell household.

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