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Welcome to the Maxwell Chat Rooms. If you have never chatted online before, don't worry, it is easy. To enter the Chat Rooms, first type your Username in the box above. You can use your real name, because we are all family here. But you may if you wish use a nick name. Press the log in button and you will enter the main Chat Room. To joint in the chat, type a message in the message edit field at the bottom of the screen. When you're satisfied with your message, press the send button or simply hit return key on your keyboard. Your message will appear shortly after in the chat frame. All the text in the message edit field will be selected when it has been sent, making it possible to type a new message right away without having to delete your old message.
There are two alternative Chat Rooms inside. If the main room get too busy, you can add your own special Chat Rooms, if you want to go off a have a one-to-one chats with someone.