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Title: family
Posted by: LYNN POTTER
Date: 20 January 2011

i do not know whether or not you got the last email regarding finding the next chief,

the story has it that sir william maxwell had a son who got the maid pregnant. the maxwell being fond of the girl the maid was married off to a man named forrest and subsequently she had a son whose last name was forrest. that was my great grandfather of whose lineage i would like to put to rest forever.

when the son grew up and got married he had four
children-isabelle, mary, william and andrew. isabelle is my grandmother, passing in 1980.
great aunt mary who lived in glasglow passed
just a few yrs ago at the age of 97-she told of
the maxwell family educating william in the
areas of religion and andrew in the military
also the maxwell carriage would bring food to their home when times were tough. my grandma was
78 when she passed in 1980.  that should give you an idea of which william could have been the debated father and grandfather.

andrew was killed in one of the world wars on a ship where he was a sailor. isabel married my grandfather after the first world war after
she had immigrated to canada.grandma/isabel had 7 children the eldest of which is my mother who had me-i have three sons.

my grandma(isabele or isa as she was called) had
two sons and five daughters.

my uncle bill formally called william passed from
parkinsons 11 yrs ago.  uncle gordon suffers from parkinsons.

if you did my last email im sorry for being so repitive.  i feel so driven  to follow this thru

i can only be gotten hold of by phoning 1-306-961-0007 before the 24 after that i am in quebec at

i have passion for genology it is like i feel an
ardent respect for our ancestors and family. that
means to me that it is like i have a responsibility to connect and know all i can
about what is in my genes.

with affection
lynn  pehrsson potter

p.s. do not send emails to that email address as
i do not have a email and that email appears to be part of his computer-thnx


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