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Title: Re:Re:Re:Howard and Joesph Maxwell Of Glen Cove
Posted by: Frank D'Amico
Date: 14 November 2004

Update on my previous message. The Estate known as Maxwellton was built by Howward Maxwell's father John R.  His estate  was quite large. His residence was designed by William B. Tubby and was built in 1898 as a country residence of John R. who had a city home in Brooklyn. John R. owned the Atlas Portland Cement Company, the largest at that time and the supplier of the cement for the Panama Canal.  Her built a residence on his estate for his son Howard (who Married a Pratt) in 1905. A third residense at Maxwellton was built in 1915 for Louise Maxwell who married Howard Whitney.  John R. also founded the Central Railroad of New Jersey with the Pratt's and was a co-founder of the Long Island Railroad. Several buildings still exist at the location of Maxwellton and there are several photos. dating back to 1900. For more info. you can contact me at D'Amico


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