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Title: Missing Maxwell -Thomas?
Posted by: Joy Markoni-lyons
Date: 19 November 2004

Has anybody a missing Thomas Maxwell from the 1790 -1810 period?
We know he came from Scotland -possibly Aberdeen? There appear to have been very few Maxwells in this region. He knew how to mill timber and build plus sail yaughts.Where would he have learnt those trades? He ended up settling in NZ and became a successful trader marrying a Maori princess and purchasing several Islands 
His children were named John,James,Patrick Robert,George and Andrew. These are possibly family names.We believe Thomas drowned around 1942.
His trip to Nz would have required stops at various ports of call -ring any bells?


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Missing Maxwell -Thomas?19 November 2004Joy Markoni-lyons
     Re:Missing Maxwell -Thomas?03 December 2004Celia Kereopa (nee Maxwell)

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