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Title: Descendants of Colonel George Maxwell, Hawkins County, TN
Posted by: Doug McDaniel
Date: 14 December 2004

I am interested in the genealogy of my great uncle, Clifford Arthur Maxwell, of Johnson City, TN. He died in 1986, but both he and his brother John Alan Maxwell, were very active in Clan Maxwell. John died in 1984. He was a historical illustrator for CS Forrester, F Van Wyck Mason, Pearl Buck, and others.

I am trying to determine John and Clifford’s precise relationship to Colonel George Maxwell, of Hawkins County, TN. Clifford’s wife, Ruth, would have done much of this genealogy work, but I am hoping that the Clan might also have a copy.

My grandmother, Gladys Virginia Maxwell (married James McDaniel) was Clifford’s sister.

Any help at all deeply appreciated.

Their father was Arthur Clifford Maxwell, died 1947.

His father was Robert Alan Maxwell, of Knox County, TN. (census records as proof).

His father was William Newton Maxwell, born 1814, Blount County, TN. (census records as proof.)

Clifford and John always claimed descent from Colonel George, but I cannot connect the dots between William Newton Maxwell and George Maxwell. I suspect another generation between them, but there was a William mentioned in the Last Will of George Maxwell.


Doug McDaniel

Knoxville, TN

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