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Title: Thomas and Sons,Scotland, USA, Australia,NZ
Date: 24 February 2005

Thomas Maxwell mariner/trader thought to have been from the Aberdeen area around the 1800s. He may have had a spouse or family member called Sarah.

Thomas travelled through to the South Pacific around the 1820-30s he may have travelled on the whaling Barque "Harriet". he eventually settled in Auckland New Zealand where he  remarried and produced the following sons John who left NZ abroad the "Oriental Queen" in 1848-1849, James who left NZ for Australia and was last heard of in 1870 ,Robert who was assumedly shot dead in 1852 California (Gold Rush ?) and George, Patrick and Andrew who remained in NZ.

There are a great many decendants in NZ and Australia who would love to establish where Thomas originally came from, and discover what became of his sons who left their New Zealand homeland for a new start. Any information which could shed some light ino these dark corners would be greatly appreciated

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