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Title: Thomas Maxwells whanau (family) NZ
Posted by: Joy
Date: 20 March 2005

I suggested that other whanau (who have been searching for information online in other forums) check out this site.So thought Id better make sure we have something to guide them to which Thomas Maxwell is our one.
If you are one of these cousins Check out the postings left here by M.Rowland and I think you will find many interesting things revealed.
There are also worthwhile postings from other whanau some are affiliated with either Umupuia (Auckland) or Torere (East Coast) maraes and the rest of us have just been lost sheep looking for the right flock. You will see you have not been alone in your search for your Maxwell ancestor.We are all still learning how the peices fit together.But as they say "many hands make light work" slowly a picture is starting to emerge and Im sure if we all pull together and share our knowledge plus search for information on Thomas -we may yet  discover where he came from in Scotland, was it Aberdeen, many old historic sources say so? Meanwhile dont forget that even the tiniest scrap of information that was handed down to you from your family may be the one led that helps us discover something new.This is your whanau so take your place alongside us and reply even just to say "hi" it would be excellent to make contact again. Joy 


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Thomas Maxwells whanau (family) NZ20 March 2005Joy
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