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Title: Going Back to What I Know
Posted by: Richard E. Maxwell
Date: 02 November 2005

I have been getting most of my genealogy from the internet. I am finding that I am comming up with a lot birth dates etc. that just don't match up. So I am starting back at square one, with what I can cofirm as FACT and let the DNA results fill in the rest. I have been afraid that I might have been contributing to the confusion. So, here is what I can back up with facts.
My Father, Ervin Richard Maxwell b. 19 May 1918 d. 15 June 1954 m. Betty Jean Kring - My Grandfather Wallace Weaver Maxwell b. 17 June 1881 d. 15 April 1969 m. Minnie Wessie Crabtree - My GGrandfather Dr. David Harvey Maxwell b. 18 Nov. 1842 d. 07 Aug 1905 m. Louisa Jane Thompson m. Mary Edwards m. Mary E. Crabtree - My GGGrandfather John Maxwell b. 24 May 1813 d. 27 Aug. 1901 m. Mahala Weddel. In his Obit. John names Bazill and Nancy as his Mother and Father in Kentucky. Except for them, I have visited and have Pictures to share of all of their graves.
I hope this clears some thing up. I can't thank Don enough for all of his help and support with the DNA Project. From my 1st batch of exact matches it appears that we are pretty close to the same branch of the tree. I would be proud to claim him as Kin.

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