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Title: Re:Nebraska Maxwell's?
Posted by: Dwight Lynn Dowson
Date: 07 December 2005

Dear Robert:

My Father was Rev. Marvin Earl Dowson born 1922, Oshkosh, Garden County, (on the North Platte River), Nebraska, son of Minnnie Minerva Maxwell, 1904, born Rackett ,Garden County Nebraska, (on the Blue Creek, twenty-five miles northeast of Oshkosh-on-the- North- Platte River, who was a daughter of Hiram Maxwell born 1867, Berlin ,Holmes County, Ohio, , son of Dr. David Maxwell, born 1820's, Mercer County , whose grandfather  lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania , born 1740's in the Old Country.

My brother, Rev. Douglas A. Dowson traces this lineange to either Scotland or Northern Ireland, where our ancestor Andrew Maxwell married Elizabeth Campbell, 1766 and migrated to the Colonies in 1767 to Perth-Amboy, New Jersey, whose son came to Pennsylvania, and  whose son sired Dr. David  Maxwell near Sharon, Pennsylvania.

I would like to know wherether this strain comes from Nithsdale and Dumfries or North of the Firth of Clyde near the MacDonalds.

Please contact me for any additional help. I will attempt to filter the chaff and get the exactitude you deserve.

Your Kinsman,

Fr. Dwight L. Dowson


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