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Title: MANCHESTER MAXWELLS-Vincent Maxwell Hayes
Posted by: Mike Waldron
Date: 23 January 2006

Please can you all help. I am looking for a needle in a haystack.

My father, long deceased was born Vincent Maxwell Hayes and never knew his birth father. I am lead to believe that Maxwell was a family name-not a middle given name, the Hayes was the surname of the husband of my father's mother- as he was born illiegitimateliy on 20th October 1916 in Ardwick, Manchester, England.

If anyone knows of any Maxwells who were living in or passing through Manchester in February 1916, it may give a clue as to my paternal grandfathers line. i know there was a World War in place- so he could have been in the forces who were stationed close by.

Any shred of a lead would help.

Huge thanks Maxwells

Mike Waldron [Maxwell?]

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