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Title: Re:Maxwells - Arkansas
Posted by: Dave Maxwell
Date: 02 September 2001

Dear Margaret,

Just so happens that I'm looking for the same information as you. I can give you a hint ..My grandfather Quenton Maxwell, was born around 1922 and came from Arkansas. His father was named William "Will" Thomas Maxwell. I'm not positive, but I think his father's name was James W. Maxwell. This is all the information I know . However, my grandfather and three of his brothers names all ended in "enton". Quenton, Lenton, Fenton, and Denton. which leads me to believe they were born in Benton County, Arkansas. (Just a hunch)Anyhow, looking in a webstite I found for AR geneology, their happens to be a listing of names which included three Maxwell's. One which included J.W.Maxwell.Could be James W. Maxwell.
SO chew on that one for a while and get back to me with whatever information you have.
Dave Maxwell


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