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Title: Re:Re:Re:Galway to Australia
Posted by: Steve Maxwell
Date: 30 September 2006


I reviewed my notes, and the only Thomas Maxwell I have was married to Sarah (Sally) Coyne (Kyne).  While I do not attempt to research Maxwell's in any part of Ireland other than western Galway, I'm sure that there have been few, if any that I have encountered in eastern Galway. 

Catholic Maxwell's are rare, and of great interest to me, so I'm interested in learning what you come up with.  I have read through many decades of Maxwell BMD records in Ireland, not to mention parish registers, and I'm sure that I've never seen a given name of Crofton (in fact, I don't think I've seen the word before in my entire life).  Could this have been a name he assumed later in life?


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