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Title: Truth or Legend?
Posted by: nancy heron
Date: 03 April 2007

The name of Maxwell came into my branch of the
Heron family about 1820 in Kirkcudbright Scotland. 
1. My ggggrandfather Nathaniel Heron married a Maxwell McGhie. She was called Maxwell.
2. Their grandson & my grandfather, John Maxwell Heron b 1865 in Kilmarnock Ayrshire. He was also called Maxwell.
3.His son,Douglas Maxwell Heron b in 1901 in San Jose California USA. Called Doug
4. His son John Maxwell Heron and my first cousin, b in California. Called John
5.The last is Douglas Maxwell Heron, called Doug. also b California. He vowed never to use any family name on  his children. 
Now I know there are other John Maxwell Herons out there who may or may not be related to my grand father, but I do think there is a common thread and that it may come from North Ireland. 
Some Herons left Kirrouhgtree, Kirkcudbright in the early 1600's for Ireland.
A family story says that some of our family went to Ireland but came back later on. No reference as to which side of the family.
Another family story says that the story of the
Maxwell name coming into the family was written up in a book, fiction I believe. 
I saw the book, I looked at the book, I even tried to read the book.  However, at age 11 it didn't impress me. [and I was a reader]. 
Said book disappeared years ago, I am now the senior member of my four generation Heron family. 
Is there any similar story in a Maxwell family?
Regards Nancy

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