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Title: Maxwells in Utah
Posted by: Scott Maxwell
Date: 12 November 2001

My father is Lawrence Ray Maxwell, born and raised in the house which his grandfather homesteaded.  His grandfather's handprint is pressed into the brick wall of the farmhouse I was raised in, in the tiny farming community of Tabiona, Utah.  His grandfather was Arthur W. Maxwell ("At" Maxwell,) and I cannot for the life of me remember the date he homesteaded the land the house is built on.

Dad has a couple of brothers and sisters, though he's not close to any of them, and his parents died before I was born.  I don't know much else about my dad's family, or our ancestry, but would like to know what to ask him.  He's getting older, now, and is in his 70s, and it would be a shame to have any knowledge of the family die with him.

My dad's first marriage produced 7 children, named: Ray, David, James, Lawrence, Robert, Mary Anne, Cherie, and Michelle Maxwell.  His second marriage produced me and my younger sister, Natasha Sioux Maxwell.

I'm 30, and I have four sons, aged 1-8: Jedidiah Benjamin Maxwell, Alexander Benjamin Maxwell, Christopher Benjamin Maxwell, and Jeremy Benjamin Maxwell.  (Yes, I'm aware that they share their middle name. ;)

There are pictures of my & my family at:

I doubt that I'll return to this site often, as my online time is limited, but I will respond to emails, so if you have questions or comments, please email them to me as well as posting here.

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