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Title: Maxwells in Scotland (Dumfries area)
Posted by: Gemma
Date: 05 May 2009

Hi to all.

I'm looking for any information on Maxwells from the Dumfries area, specifically Langholm and Canonbie, or any links that might help me on my way.
The last Maxwell I have good information for was John Maxwell (1828-1857) who married Agnes Little in Gretna in 1854. His only child was Thomas Maxwell (b.1855) but Agnes had other Maxwell children after he had died (Elizabeth (1859) and Ann (1864)).
I believe John's father may have been Edward Maxwell who married Mary Bailey but have found nothing to confirm this.

Thomas Maxwell married Mary Barclay and later married Elizabeth Tweedie after Mary passed away and he is now buried at Canonbie.

Most of these Maxwells seem to be millworkers for wool, or work in the wool industry in some way.

Hope someone can help, or that this helps someone else in turn. 


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