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Title: Re:help with maxwell / tennessee
Posted by: GCollins
Date: 23 January 2010

My grandfather is also Pleas McKinley Maxwell. My mother was adopted, but her birth certificate that was provided by the orphanage states that Pleas McKinley Maxwell is the father. After researching my mother's biological family, it appears Pleas was a traveling salesman and traveled up into KY quite frequently, being gone weeks at a time. Apparently, he met my biological grandmother on one of his trips and continued to see her for some time. The result of that relationship was the birth of my mother. Pleas was married with a family of several children back in Putnam, TN. Shortly after my mother was born (12/23/36), Pleas moved his family to California. My grandmother could not raise my mother on her own and gave her up for adoption. My mother was adopted from a Christian Orphanage out of Louisville, KY. Pleas is buried in Maderia, CA. I have spoken to one of his neices, Elizabeth Johnson from Las Vegas, NV. She is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and has extensive information on the Maxwell family. I did my research over 10 years ago, but if you need more, I can dig up my records.



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