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Title: Re:Maxwell's from Stevenston, Ayr
Posted by: Harry Maxwell
Date: 19 March 2002

I am a Maxwell from Stevenston Born 29 07 25 at 49 Townhead St. My Great Grandfather Thomas Maxwell came from Keady Co Armagh Ireland in 1866. His only son Samuel was my grandfather. He had three daughters. These four children were by his first wife.  Mary Jane Alexander.  His second wife was called .....   He had several other children William John Richard and two daughters Anne and ....

I believe that one daughter emigrated to America and she had two daughters. The other daughter married and settled in Paisley. Richard went to Canada where he became high up in insurance. John went to New Zealand. There are now more Maxwells there than any other part of the world from this part of the family (about 80). Samuel had Thomas my father 6sn Annie x Mary x Samuel 1Dr Stephen X William x Jean 1sn Richard 2 Dr & George 1sn  I had 5 bro Sam d  1sn Alex 2dr Me 1sn 1 dr Tom d Australia 3sn. Stephen 1sn 2 dr & William d 1sn 1 dr. 
When Thomas came from Ireland his bro Dunwoodie came also and set up a dynasty of his own .the only other Maxwells in Stevenston were Benjamin  who had an ancestor from Idaho? I hope this is of some help to if you have somethig more please get in touch.
My home address is 39 Ashgrove Road, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, KA13 6PA, Scotland.  The email address is my daughter's work.  I think it may be


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