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Title: Calderwood lands and people
Posted by: Carson Calderwood
Date: 02 April 2002

I can't seem to find how the Calderwood castle that the Maxwells owned recieved its name.  As you can see I am a Calderwood.  I have started a web page similar to this at (just follow the genealogy link and calderwood link to get there).  Did Calderwoods ever live there?  Are Calderwoods a derivation of the Maxwell line?  Any answer to these questions or other relevant info would be greatly appreciated as I desire to put it all on the calderwood web site that I am making.  Contact me at or with any info please.


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Calderwood lands and people02 April 2002Carson Calderwood
     Re:Calderwood lands and people02 April 2002Anthony Maxwell
          Re:Re:Calderwood lands and people12 June 2010E Frayne

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