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Title: Alexander Maxwell & Ann Mowat 1719
Posted by: Danielle
Date: 25 May 2012


I'm new to the site and recently have been able to trace the Maxwell side of my family a good bit last night on I came across this site this morning and it said that Alexander Maxwell,

son of Alexander Maxwell died in London in 1748 and the author thought it was improbable that he had children but the information trail seemed to stop cold.

Last night, however, I stumbled across research that said he married Ann Mowat 22 December 1719. Has anyone else stumbled across this? It seems quite a few people have them as married in their family tree. I haven't been able to find anything record wise. I know lots of records were destroyed in fires. Any advice?

The research I've done seems to indicate my ancestor, Henry Maxwell who immigrated to the US, was their son. Thanks in advance. :)


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Alexander Maxwell & Ann Mowat 171925 May 2012Danielle
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