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Title: Thomas Oliver Maxwell
Posted by: Jinky Maxwell
Date: 08 May 2002

Thomas born Sept 28,1849 In Scotland and came from Ireland to Pittsburgh,Pa aound 1865 with a John and Anna Shennan (Toms cousins)Tom dad Oliver had died when Tom was young and his mom Eliza or Elizabeth Graham Maxwell raised Tom and John possibly around moneymore,Ireland. Eliza had a sister Margret Jane Graham Shennan or Shannon( probably John and Anna mom) Oliver had a sister Sarah Maxwell that lived around moneymore,Ireland.John became an episcopol priest in England at Hares Law.He never married. I am trying to find information on Oliver,Eliza or Sarah or any of the Shennon or Shannon. Tom was my grandfather and he married Effie Belle McFeatters from Indiana, Pa and they had 5 children..Ruby,Ethmere,Virgil,Olive,Raymond(my dad) Please if you have any information or idea on how I can find information on any of the above people please contact me or tell me how to find more on my gr grandparents, Oliver and Eliza Graham Maxwell.No body from my dads side of the family is alive to tell me any information.Thank you so much....sure am glad to have such a useful site such as this!!

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