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Title: John Francis Maxwell
Posted by: Terence Maxwell
Date: 10 December 2016

Hit an absolute brick wall for many years now, so any help would be appreciated

Cannot find the birth of John Francis Maxwell or confirm parents

Supposedly Born 1855, Edinburgh, Scotland (census), Master Tailor, well traveled definitely in France and Germany before and after his marriage in 1876. There is possibly a link to Sandhurst around 1879 and a military family history for at least 100 years prior to that date and the family originally came from Caerlaverock. On marriage certificate father listed as John Maxwell Master Tailor.

Mother no idea really, though commonly believed that at some time someone married a French girl in France. Which might well be John Francis's mother as some early documents has his name spelt which I thought was in Latin, but have been I believe reliably informed that it is an early form of French for John Francis.    

His son Wallace Herbert by the 1960's had traced the family back a long way unfortunately this information was lost. Though it does mean it can be done, although Wallace Herbert wouldn't of got stuck where I am, as you would expect him to of known his father and grandfathers details.

We have a very large extended Maxwell family today and have recently discovered that I have not been the only one working on this. Yet we are all stuck at the same point, plus none of us have any idea who Priscilla Maxwell was who witnessed John Francis's marriage. First I thought might be his mother then his sister but to be honest no idea at all!

I've put a lot of time and work into this and am very experienced when it comes to research and my only current conclusion is that my source information is incorrect. Which would mean all the census's, marriage certificate and other documentation carry the same error!

So hopefully someone who has been good enough to read all of this will have that tiny detail I am missing to set me on my way again.

Thanks in advance    

John Maxwell (probable father, Master Tailor)
John Francis Maxwell (Born 1855, Edinburgh, Scotland, Master Tailor)
Age 21 lived 52 Beck Road Nottingham
Annie Marie Wright – age 19 lived 50 Beck Road Nottingham
(Married at Church of St. Marks 3rd October 1876. Witness’s Henry Wade Wright & Priscilla Maxwell)
Wallace Herbert (son) = Mary Helena Draper (marriage Long Eaton, Derbyshire).
Born 5 February 1898, 46 Wilford Road, Nottingham. (Residence 1911, 22 Starch Lane, Sandiacre, Derbyshire).
Died January 1968, Repton, Derbyshire.
James Francis Maxwell (grandson)= Sheila Vera Maxwell (Marriage Totnes District, Devon, 1943)
Born September 1924, Shardlow, Derbyshire.
Died September 1943 Germany.

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