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Title: Maxwell DNA Project could it help?
Posted by: Terence Maxwell
Date: 22 January 2017

Hi All,

I've posted several times previously with little response, probably because no one can help me unfortunately!

Now I've been stuck around 1820 with my family tree for a good few years now and to be honest about to call it a day, especially as advice I've sort during this time all feel with the info I have I shouldn't of hit a brick wall.

I saw a post on the first page mentioning the Maxwell DNA Project although I am concern all that will happen is receiving another load of data that will not help me as the thread said;

"I have had a lot of matches through the DNA project. But, in some cases, have been having a hard time making the connections."

As I have already previously had my DNA tested and that has not helped even though I have plenty of matches which can link their family trees to Maxwell.

The problem is those matches last linked to a Maxwell between 1400 - 1550 although the DNA matches strongly suggests that I am a descendant of;

John Maxwell, 3rd Lord Maxwell
Birthdate: 1430
Birthplace: Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: Died July 22, 1484 in Kirtle,
Steward of Annandale, 3rd Lord of Carlaverock

but it is a big leap from there to 1820 lol

Family gossip says we lived in Scotland up to about 1750 and for a short time in Canada in the early 1800's although probably there with the British army and some time during this period at least one of my ancestors possibly two married French girls.

Which possibly explains why I'm stuck because the next link I'm looking for could well be in France or Canada and not Britian?

The annoying thing is my great grandad could apparently recite the family history back to 1332 but no one ever thought of writing it down.

We have a large extended Maxwell family but no one has ever been able to tie us into other Maxwell's for a long time, it would be nice to do so once again.

So will the Maxwell DNA Project help if I sent them the raw data?

Or will we just end up with the same date we already have mostly, as surely all these sites have mostly the same data?

And if so how do I get in contact?

Thanks in advance.  


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