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Title: My Great Grandparents
Posted by: Margaret Nau
Date: 27 July 2017

My Name is Margaret Nau. My Great Grandparents,(on my mom's side, her father's parents) were from Scotalnd. Their names are Elsie Maxwell and Robert Given. They were Married on Dec. 29, 1899 in Scotland but I don't know where. Elsie was born Sept. 25, 1885 but I don't know when Robert was born. They had 7 Children, Robert Given, Jr. Oct. 11, 1900, Margaret in 1903, but I don't know the day, a boy (either John or Thomas) in 1905, Jeanette March 23, 1907, John or Thomas, 1909, Elizabeth Feb. 13, 1911 and Alexander, My Grandfather, June 7, 1913. They Came to the United States in either 1921 or 1923. From what I have learned, my great grandmother left a brother in Scotland and I was trying to find out if I have any family there. I hope someone can help me. thank you.

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