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Title: Maxwell of sprinkell
Posted by: Lesley carron
Date: 10 October 2018

I am new to Scottish heraldry but have learned a little from contacting the lord Lyon King of Arms.  I would like to know more about a crest that appears on an old piece of silver plate that is in our family.  I will include a picture below. The following is the information the secretary from lord Lyon office gave me:

Arms with this particular crest and the motto "Revirescat" were granted to one John Heron Maxwell of Springkell in the County of Dumfries (with a title in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia).  These Arms were granted on 10 July 1811.

The silver dates to the mid 1800s and the crest on it is shown below

I hope you can tell me more about it. I would like to know if the heron maxwells had a coat of arms that would have gone with this crest. Also why would he have picked a crest with a severed double eagle head when the double eagle is one of the Maxwell symbols? The term revirescat means he will rise, different but similar to the Maxwell motto reviresco. Also I have done a lot of family Scottish genealogy and cannot figure out how our family would somehow be related to part of the heron maxwells who owned this crest/armiger. The curious part is that one our family names is ewan whose motto is also reviresco like the maxwells. Our family was mainly from fife in Scotland. 
I know this is a lot of questions but any information you can give would be appreciated
Thank you
Lesley Carron

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