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Title: Finding William Maxwell
Posted by: William Maxwell birth abt 1826
Date: 03 March 2019

Hi Maxwell Family !!
My name is Jess Smit nee Maxwell. I'm looking for my Maxwell line,my 3rd great grandfather William Maxwell, unfortunately I have little info on him and feel I have been hitting brick walls on every lead I find. My 2nd Great Grandfather William Mack Maxwell (I don't think Mack was a legal middle name as it wasn't on his birth record) born in Raymond Terrace NSW Australia 9/6/1856 to mother Lucy Speirs. As far as we know William Mack Maxwell did not know his father and his mother never married his father on his birth record it states his father's name as William Maxwell 30years and was a publican. This is where it gets tricky I've found a William Maxwell having had a publican licence issued around 1855 in Maitland NSW near Raymond Terrace NSW where William Mack Maxwell was born, amazing lead right ? Well the lead has taken me to a public tree on ancestry having a publicans in the families in a William Maxwell in the tree  close to his DOB marrying a Morrow girl also from Ireland, in that Tree it had the parents of William as a Robert Maxwell and Alice, i had no way to prove this and my DNA wasnt matching theirs, so I got my father who is the Maxwell of course to do his DNA and I can't find a single  match to that family who have done their DNA. So I went looking again to find more leads, I got a decent DNA hit with a fellow that had a Sarah Maxwell in his tree born 1821 Tyrone Ireland, perfect I think, then I get a even better DNA match for my father with 2 sister's that have a Ann Maxwell in their Tree, they must be siblings of my William Maxwell I'm looking for, I then stumble over a public tree who has a amazing tree with lots of info, and right there was all the siblings names fitting expect my William Maxwell being born in 1816 not 1826 could he have lied about his age I wondered, a 20 year old girl and 40year old man ummm... the lady that owned this tree is a decendant of a Andrew Maxwell, other sibling, but I can not get a decent DNA match with her and she can't get a DNA match with the guy that has Sarah Maxwell in his Tree, yet all of us are getting a decent match with the two sister's that have a Ann Maxwell in their tree... so confusing... I do need to mention these two sister's are close in generation having Ann Maxwell as their great grandmother and I'm wondering are we are we connecting to them because they are the closer generation to the common ancestors ( which I assume to be be William Maxwell and Margaret Armstrong) would anyone have any tips for me onto where I should go from here ?
Many Thanks
I'm in Gedmatch Genesis as well

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