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Title: Trying to fill in the gaps (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Penn)
Posted by: Adrian Maxwell
Date: 19 December 2019

Does anyone know of a reliable and relatively complete "master" Maxwell family tree? I can find a lot of historical data 15-1700s in Scotland/Ireland but not much for after. I feel relatively confident in what I have so far:

Adrian Maxwell (1991-pres)
F: Michael D Maxwell (1962-pres)
GF: Dean A Maxwell (1939-2006)
GGF: Harold A Maxwell (1917-1990)
GGGF: Harold H Maxwell (1899-1970)
GGGGF: Frank Maxwell (1869-1937)
GGGGGF: Pulaski Maxwell (1843-1924)
GGGGGGF: Hiram Maxwell (1813-1852)

I am relatively confident up to this point but I'm less confident in some of the info I'm finding at that point forward. Does anyone have a person in common that can point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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