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Title: Help with info on Family of Isobel Maxwell
Posted by: Austyn Brandenhoff
Date: 05 February 2020

Hello, I am currently doing research into my family history using a variety of sites, but mainly where everyone is capable of merging their personal family trees with the sites "World Tree" that connects everyone. The info of people from the past few hundred years is mainly done by public people, but some profiles - like nobles, rulers, etc. - are managed by a dedicated curator.

Through this tree merging, it shows that Isobel Maxwell is my 15th great grandmother. (profile: For this profile, it states that Isobel's father is Robert Maxwell, the 4th Lord Maxwell and her mother is Agnes Stewart. It also states that Isobel married Robert Porterfield of That Ilk.

The problem I am having regards the family of Isobel. The profile shows that Robert Maxwell is married to Agnes Stewart (there are two wives on this profile that appear to be the same person, the profiles just aren't merged) but his mother is also named Agnes Stewart. This Agnes - his mother - has different parents and deffinitely appears to be a different person from the Agnes listed as Robert's wife.

While also searching for more info, I found a Wikipedia page for a John Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell (,_4th_Lord_Maxwell) that has Isobel Maxwell listed as his daughter. I was also able to find a profile for Isobel Maxwell on the site FamilySearch ( that has her father listed as John Maxwell, 3rd Lord Maxwell. Going off the death year of this John Maxwell, I think its referring to the John Maxwell the 4th from the wikipedia article.

With all of this different info, it is a bit difficult figuring out who is who and what info is correct. If anyone could help with any info they happen to know or any websites that I could go to for info, that would be greatly appreciated.

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