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Title: Seeking Information on the Parents of Jane Maxwell (abt. 1777 - 7 Jul 1853 W. VA)
Posted by: Joshua Harsch
Date: 16 July 2021

I'm terribly sorry that I don't have much information to go on. I have an excerpt from a biographical book called "The Camerons in Carrol County Ohio" in which it states that a Thomas Cameron married a Jane Maxwell and settled in Virginia. (I have been able to confirm their marriage through other documents, and I believe, through quite a bit of circumstantial evidence, that their son Joseph Cameron is a direct ancestor. I just haven't yet been able to find a birth record or some such evidence linking them all.) It says her father is William Maxwell and a native of Ireland. However, I have not been able to link Jane to a William Maxwell through actual documents. I've search,, geni, and Google.

I have been able to find a death record for Jane stating the following:
Jane Cameron (Jane Maxwell), b. abt. 1777 Cumberland County, VA, d. 7 Jul 1853 Kings Creek, Hancock County, W. VA., Spouse: Thomas Cameron, Father: Maxwell

The Ancestry Tree hints are saying the following:
Her name is Jane W. Maxwell. And, she is the daughter of William Maxwell (b. 30 Mar 1753 Bedford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, d. 10 May 1832 Bedford, Middlesex, MA), and Sarah Bowman (b. 14 Apr 1757 Bedford, Middlesex, MA, d. 24 Apr 1833 Lincoln Middlesex, MA).

However, I have not been able to link either of them to Jane through actual evidence. They may be linked to each other, however. (I'm leaning towards that being the case, but I need to get the documents side by side to make sure the William Maxwell she married is the William Maxwell the Tree hints are pointing to. Especially considering I've seen quite a few inconsistencies with the William Maxwell they're pointing to.)

All this being said, I am really sorry for the mess. I'm new to this and am finding it really amazing. I was always told we were by far mostly German and a tiny bit Irish. It's appearing to turn out that we've got quite a bit of Scottish, Irish, and English on the side we though was all German, and mostly German with a bit of French and Swiss and tiny bit of Irish on the side we thought might have just a bit of Irish. It's amazing how your, for lack of a better phrase, world view can change so much so quickly.

But, anyway I am really hoping someone has some more information as this is turning from a massive head scratcher into a brick wall. And, I would be immensely grateful for any help that you all might be able to provide.

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