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Title: Most Reliable Source of Info for Families of Clan Maxwell
Posted by: Austyn Brandenhoff
Date: 10 August 2021

I was wondering what most people are using as the most reliable source of info for the families of Clan Maxwell. I am a descendant of the Porterfields and it seems a Robert Porterfield (often called Robert Porterfield of that Ilk) married an Isobel Maxwell. The parents of this Isobel Maxwell seem to differ depending on what you look at.

Wikipedia lists her parents as John Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell and Agnes Stewart, the daughter of Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies.

The Peerage ( ) uses Clan MacFarlane ( ) as a source and lists Patrick Maxwell, 3rd of Newark as her father.

The book "Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok" by William Fraser states that she is the daughter of Sir Gavin Maxwell, 4th of Calderwood and that I guess he spoke with someone who was researching the Porterfield family history and they told him they believe she "was a daughter of the family of Calderwood".

The book "The Porterfields" by Frank B. Porterfield, which is one of the main sources I am using for Porterfield info, refers to her as Isobel Maxwell of Newark, but doesn't give her parents or where that information came from. But the fact that a lot of different sources do state that an Isobel Maxwell married Robert Porterfield of that Ilk tells me it is probably true. The fact that "The Porterfields" refers to her as being from Newark, I think it would make more sense that she would be the daughter of Patrick Maxwell, 3rd of Newark or someone else closely related to him. But if I am understanding the Maxwell family history correctly, the Calderwood Maxwells are the ancestors, or closely related to, the Newark Maxwells, and the fact that Sir William Fraser spoke to Porterfield historians and they believe Isobel Maxwell comes from the Calderwoods makes a good claim for them being their ancestors as well.

What does everyone else use to find the family members and ancestors of the Maxwells, and has anyone else run into this part of the family or have any info on it?

Thank you for any help,
Austyn B

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