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Title: Curious Tell Me Everything
Posted by: Britton Maxwell
Date: 14 August 2022

Iím Britton Maxwell born in indiana. I was able to trace my lineage back to Robert Maxwell, an innkeeper on the east coast of USA. I want to know more be involved in whatever I can if I qualify. I carry my mothers maiden name because I was born out of wedlock, a bastard I believe. But this doesnít make me any less qualified, unless itís ideal to have inbred. But I think that sort of thing only happened on my grandmothers side. My grandfather was Maxwell obviously. Email me, educate me. Iím not wealthy but I can afford to check dna and all that Iím sure.

My son Jameson Arthur Maxwell 3 years old is why Iím interested in this. I want to be able to show him where he came from. What all had to happen that lead to his becoming. Thanks

Britton T. Maxwell


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Curious Tell Me Everything14 August 2022Britton Maxwell
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