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Title: Robert Maxwell of Greenville County, S.Carolina
Posted by: Frank Showalter
Date: 25 January 2003

Looking for Descendants of Robert Maxwell, of Greenville County, S.Carolina.  I am trying to get the family cemetery and the Ruins of his Plantation house preserved.

General Robert Maxwell,1753-1797, son of John (d. abt 1805) and Jane Maxwell, the immigrants, was born in Londonderry, Ireland, about 1753, received his early education there, and came with his parents to S.Carolina in 1765.  They landed in Charleston in late November or early December to take advantage of the generous State Bounty Act which granted lands and passage to upstanding Protestants who were willing to immigrate to America.  The John Maxwell land was at Boonesborough in the Long Cane Creek area about 10 miles north of the present town of Abbeville, S.Carolina.
At the age of 21, young Robert Maxwell was S.Carolina delegate to the First Continental Congress.  During the Revolution he was a Captain in the Militia.  After the war he was granted 1,892 acres of land in Greenville District about 15 miles south of the present city of Greenville. He called it "The Grove"  His home was a large two story log structure with a fireplace on each floor.  Robert was appointed Justice of the Peace in February of 1788, election commissioner in 1789, and Sheriff of Washington District in 1795.  Robert died from gun shot wounds in November of 1797, while performing his duties as Sheriff. He was buried in the family cemetery a few yards from his home.
Robert married Mary Anderson about 1786.  She was born in 1766, in S.Carolina and died 20 May 1837 in the home of her son, Robert Anderson Maxwell, in Pendelton District, S.Carolina.  She was the daughter of General Robert Anderson and Ann Thompson.
Children of Robert and Mary Maxwell were:
(1) Anne Anderson Maxwell, b. 1788, d.9 Feb 1831.
(2) John Maxwell, b. 8 Feb. 1791, d. 23 Aug. 1870.
(3) Elizabeth Thompson Maxwell, b.1794, d. 2 Mar. 1832.
(4) Robert Anderson Maxwell, b. 10 Nov. 1795, d. 1863.
From the book,"The Maxwells of Greenville." by A.Charles Cannon.

Robert was an important part of S.Carolina History that has almost been forgotten.  Today "The Grove" is all but gone.  The family cemetery is overgrown, with only two markers above ground.  His large two story log house is gone, but the massive stone chimney, with fireplaces on both floors, still stands, along with a deep depression in the ground outlining the location of the house.  If the cemetery and chimney can be preserved it would become a fitting memorial to the Maxwell family.
Any help would be appreciated. I have been in contact wih local and state government. It appears that I will need to get backing from relatives to get things moving.

Frank Showalter
300 Cason Rd.
Piedmont, S.Carolina 29673


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