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Title: An Apology
Posted by: Angie Maxwell-Schnoor
Date: 01 July 2004

1st of all I would like to apologize if this message seems like I'm complaining because in a way I am. I have been doing research on my dads side of the family now for about 8yrs now and still til this day I can't seem to find anyone related to the Hugh Maxwell that lived in Kaskaskia, IL. Him and his brother came here to live with their Uncle who was a Catholic Priest around the Missouri and Illinois area. I had my dad do a DNA and still no luck on finding out who my 2nd great granpa is. I know he had 4 kids one being my great granpa. I see all these Maxwells that are making connections and it is getting so frustrated. If any one can help me I would really appreciate it. I have also been writting Mr. Serna in NM whose wife is related to my line. My dads family connects with the Maxwell's in NM. They scatter anywhere from Illinois to TX to TN to MO to OK. that's not the direct line but it might help.

Thanks Angie


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An Apology01 July 2004Angie Maxwell-Schnoor
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