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Title: John & Jane Maxwell
Posted by: Jerry W. Pickens
Date: 29 October 2004

My 6th. great grandparents were John & Jane Maxwell from Ireland. He died 1n 1805 & that is all I know about them.  Their son Gen. Robert Maxwell was born in 1759 in Londonderry, Ireland and died in 1797 in Pickens, SC. He married Mary Elizabeth Anderson (b. 1766 d. 5-20-1837) in 1786.  He was a Gen. in the Rev. War and a member of the First Continental Congress. Mary's parents were Robert Anderson III who married Mary Barksdale Pickens.  Robert was the grandson of Gen. Robert Anderson & Mary was the grandaughter of Gen. Andrew Pickens, & all three Generals were friends who fought together in the Rev. War. Robert & Mary had 4 children that I know of. (1)Anne Anderson Maxwell (b.1788 d.2-1831) who married a Dr. Andrew Moore.  (2)John Maxwell (my 4th. great grandfather)He was born 2-8-1791 in Pickens, SC & died 8-23-1870 in Anderson, SC.  In 1817 he married Elizabeth Hampton Earle. (3) Robert Anderson Maxwell (b.11-10-1795 d. 1863) who married Elizabeth's sister, Mary Earle.  John& Elizabeth's son, Samuel Earle Maxwell, was born in 1819 in Pickens, SC & died 10-19-1884 in Pickens,SC.  On 1-6-1841 he married Julia Susannah Keels who was born in 1824 in Pickens,SC. Their daughter Sue Maxwell (my great-great-grandmother) was born 11-17-1842 & died 10-23-1894. She married her 4th. ? cousin Dr. Thomas Jones Pickens (b. ?-17-1831 d. 1917) They named a son Samuel Maxwell Pickens (my great grangfather) (b. 1860 d. 7-15-1922)who married a Nellie Trowbridge (b. 1866 d. 12-13-1955)  Her parents were Joseph Trowbridge & Jessie Ramey. Their son Samuel Maxwell Pickens Jr. (my grandfather) was born 8-18-1891 & died 9-10-1957.  He married Mabel Jane Hastings who was born 8-31-1897 & died 12-14-1974. they had 5 sons & 2 daughters. (1)Samuel Maxwell Pickens III, (2)Thomas Hastings Pickens, (3)William Warren Pickens, (4)James Collier Pickens (my father), (5)Mabel Jane Pickens, (6)Joseph Edward Pickens & (7)Nellie Trowbridge Pickens. 
If this is of help to anyone in their research, great; if you have any info. that would fill-in some of my gaps, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.


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