Things that are Maxwell

The word Maxwell as well as being a noun with a capital is also used a noun without a capital, to quote my Concise English Dictionary:-

maxwell (maks'wel), n. a unit of magnetic flux.

This unit of measurement is named after James Clerk Maxwell.

"Like most Maxwells it has pulling power"

William Maxwell Scotch Whisky

The bottle on the right is Maxwell Scotch Whisky. In our house it is referred to as a bottle of 'William' after , the original distiller in 1796, William Maxwell.
The Scotch is blended today by Ian MacLeod & Co of Broxburn, Edinburgh, and is only sold in Tiawan and Nigeria the present distillers prefering to concentrate on their principle brand which is 'Isle of Skye'.
Cases of the 'William' are regularly procured for Maxwell Gatherings. Needless to say, in the morning there is never a drop to be found. I am not an ardent whisky drinker but as I understand it, 'William' is in reality 'falling down water' being somewhat above the normal proof rating. So, not for the faint hearted.