Links to Maxwell Academics

It is a well known fact, that all Maxwells are very clever. However, some are so clever that they become lifelong Academics. We all know Academics are Smarty Pants and because they are Smarty Pants they all have web pages to tell everyone just how smart they are. Here are the links to the cleverest Maxwells, the ones that only work for about half of each year; the Academics.....

Professor Tony Maxwell. John Innes Centre Norwich

Dr Charles Maxwell, Murray State University, A Golfing Prof.

Ms Diana H Maxwell. Astronomy at the Open University

Dr Roger L Maxwell. Physics at Wilkes University PA

Te Kahautu Maxwell. Te Tari Maori, The University of Waikato New Zealand

Dr Robert Maxwell. Medieval Art and Architecture at University of Michigan.

Dr P. G. Maxwell-Stuart. History at St Andrews Scotland

Dr Reed M Maxwell. Physicist at Berkeley and Livermore Laboratory

Dr Timothy T Maxwell. Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University

Ann Maxwell. Assistant Professor Advertising and Copywriting University of Oregon

Dr Hamish Maxwell-Stewart. A Scotsman teaching History at the University of Tasmania

Lorraine E. Maxwell. Assistant Professor, Human Environment Relations at Cornell University

Professor James Maxwell FSA Organic Geochemistry at Bristol University.

Dr James R Maxwell. Associate Professor Business Systems at University of Wisconsin.

Professor E Stuart Maxwell. Small nucleolar RNAs, Bibosome biogenesis ??????

Dr Allen R. Maxwell. Cultural Anthropologist working in hot places

Professor Nancy G Maxwell Law at Washburn University

Professor Keith A. Maxwell Juris Doctor University of Puget Sound

Andrew Maxwell Faculty of Engineering, University of South Queensland, Australia.

Dr James Maxwell. School of Optometry, University of California, Berkeley