Maxwell Commercial Links

These are links to the commercial web pages of Maxwells. Some are craftsmen and women, others are involved in trade commerce and industry. Naturally, the Maxwell World Web Site accepts no liability for the quality of services or products offered to readers through these links, but take a look anyway.

Jonathan Maxwell, Superb Cabinetmaker

Stunningly beautiful Jade Carvings by Hepi Maxwell, a Maori from Rotorua, New Zealand

Maxwells Brew. A coffee house in Toledo, Ohio! Not Maxwell Klinger's place?

The Connie Maxwell Childrens Home for abandoned, neglected or abused children and families in need.

Maxwell's Restaurant and Cocktail Bar. Great place, I know I've been there!

Maxwell Recruitment, in Dublin, Ireland. Susan Maxwell will help you get a job there.

Maxwell Motors. Beamers (BMWs) for the good citizens of Dublin.

Maxwell Design. James Maxwell makes magical metal furniture in Canada

Graham Maxwell is a genealogist working in the Scottish borders

The Clan Maxwell Pipes and Drums from Canada

Bill Maxwell's bookshop in Stockton California, books on Scottish History & Genealogy, the West and more.

Felix Maxwell is an artist whose primary focus is Pastels and Acrylic Works

Chad Maxwell the artist likes big, excellent muralist and computer arts, Nice site.

Cecil and Kathryn Maxwell's Lakeside guesthouse beside Lake Erie, Ohio.

Bill Maxwell is a country music singer and songwriter with his new album just released, go see, go hear, go buy!

Chef John T Maxwell Catering Company in Richmond, Virginia.

Maxwell's on the Bay. Waterfront Dining in Naples, Florida.

Border Heritage. TV and Video production company and the authors latest gig....Thanks Fiona!

Maxwell Designs. Patrick Maxwell will spray your car faster than it is!

M T Maxwell Furniture. The real stuff from down in Bedford Virginia

Drawings of Caerlaverock Castle and other pictures of Scotland

Chad Maxwell, the Artist's brilliant Graphic and Web Design company