Maxwell World Links

These links are to people and places around the World which have close associations with the Maxwell family or offer services to the benefit of Maxwells or just have Maxwell in their name.

Genforum's Maxwell Genealogy pages. Full of mostly US genealogy searches.

Maxwell's Demon explained in simple language for us duffers... Still none the wiser, (Ed.)

Roger Maxwell Member of the New Zealand Government

Maxwell family of Rock Island, Illinois

Maxwell family of Martinsville, Indiana

Scottish Culture Link from the About network, don't get too excited...

Clan Maxwell page from DISCribe, brief...

Ron Maxwell, film writer, director, and producer, flashy site, nice green Ron!

Tom Maxwell, Samsara    A very Cool site from the musician.

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico

Traquair House. Oldest occupied house in Scotland and home of the Maxwell Stuarts

Pollok House. Home of the Maxwells of Pollok for over 700 years. Presented to the City of Glasgow in 1966.

Maps of Scotland. Here they supply all sorts of maps of the 'Old Country'