The Maxwell Society Gathering at Kirkconnell House in August 1989.

Founded by a partnership of Sir Michael Maxwell Bart., Francis Maxwell of Kirkconnell and George Maxwell in 1989. The society had a successful gathering in its foundation year and a smaller one as part of 'ROOTS 93' in May of 1993. In the first few months of 1989 the society membership quickly grow to over180 and a house journal, "Wardlaw" was produced. However due to a lack of administrative assistance, the society foundered, although all the records and correspondance are all safe in the hands of the Author. It is anticipated that this society will be give a fresh breath of life by the implementation of this web site. Whilst there is no physical Maxwell Society as of yet, you may wish to join the author in a 'cyberspace' society until there exists a core of Maxwells willing to participated in the running of the new Maxwell Society.