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Title: Re:Re:Re:Maxwell's in New Zealand
Posted by: Celia Maxwell (Kereopa)
Date: 13 March 2005

Kiaora Sally,
I too am one of many trying to fill in the missing gaps of our Thomas Maxwell Whakapapa.I have managed to trace back to my G/G/Grandpa Thomas with the help of other whanau but we are unable to go any further than that. I have only just yesterday found this Maxwell Genealogy forum. No doubt being a USA family it did not occur to me that we in some distant way could be linked. So much said, and with you having been bought up in Torere, I was wondering if you could possibly be a descendant of my grandfather Tiri Te Waru. I know that he moved to Torere, from Clevedon and took with him my Aunty Ani and my Uncle Hukere (who were my fathers sister and brother). If so that would make us closely related. Unfortunately I have just read about the family reunion back home on the Coast, due to the lapse of time I am greatly disappointed in not being able to fly home to this great event. However I have a sister who teaches up in Brisbane I shall let her know about the reunion. Please respond as I would love to hear from you.
              Arohanui Celia


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