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Title: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Maxwell's in New Zealand
Posted by: Celia Kereopa
Date: 19 April 2006

Kia ora Sally,
First of all let me say how sad I was to learn of your Dads passing even though I did not know him my heart goes out to you and your family because we are whanau.God Bless.
How wonderful to finally make contact with whanau.At the moment I am dealing with all kinds of emotions from excitement to tears as I think of this picture of g/grandfather Tiri.I was very fortunate to have obtained this copy from another of our whanau Joy. This is the only one in mine and my familys possession and I see a great resemblance between my father and Tiri, also in the picture Hukere & Ani with g/fathers second wife and others which I have yet to identify. My line was Toroa (Ani & Hukere's mother who was also my dad
Tiaare's mother)I come from a family of 6 still living, 2 brothers deceased.Our darling Mum passed away 3 years ago Our father passed away all of 25 years ago.Myself and husband are living on the Central Coast. I went home to NZ November last year to my brothers unveiling very short trip of 3 days due to work commitments. I have a sister living at Surfers and she teaches somewhere there.
Unfortunately my father disassociated himself from the Maxwell side when his parents separated. Very little was ever mentioned about his father,the only time he spoke was to tell us that he had a brother Hukere and sister Ani and another brother who died as an infant. I will forever regret not pressing him for more info about our Maxwell side. He actually went under the maori name of Maakiwhara but christened us under Maxwell.Regretably I will not be able to go back home until Xmas so I would love to catch up with my Torere side then.Maybe I may be able to come across more photos of my Koro Tiri Up until I received this picture of Koro I had no idea what he or my g/g/grandfather Patariki looked like. So Sally I must close for now until our next contact.
Lots and lotsa luv and thank you
                 Celia Ngahuia


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