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Title: Thomas Maxwell of Strabane
Posted by: Harry Maxwell
Date: 29 April 2011

Dear All,

I have got my ancestry back to a Thomas Maxwell but Can't seem to get further!

I quote the below from the book, The Annals of One Branch of the Maxwell Family in Ulster, compiled by Sir William George Maxwell, son of Sir Peter Benson Maxwell (whom I am a direct descendent of).

Any information regarding Thomas or this line would be appreciated.

"Thomas Maxwell was High Sheriff of Tyrone in 1681: he was attainted of high treason by James II; fled the Kingdom after November 15th 1688 where he went to England to look after his interest wit the new Government. He did not remain away long, for in 1689, a short time after the relief of Derry, he was back again in Strabane.

It is indicated that Thomas Maxwell was of Scottish origin. The method and the date of arrival in Ireland of himself, or his ancestors, can only be a matter of conjecture. Two interesting books of reference are "The Londonderry Plantation" by T. W. Moody and "The Plantation of Ulster" by the Reverend George Hill.

Thomas Maxwell bought a small area of land from the Earl of Abercorn in 1695. It is probable that Thomas Maxwell's ancestors settled in Ulster at some time before the introduction of the 'plantation' system and they were either independent immigrants, hopeful of finding a better life or they were refugees adter one of the constantly recurring hereditary fights between the two rival clans of Dumfrieshire in Scotalnd, the Maxwells and the Johnstons had been hereditary foemen since the earliest days as recorded by Sir Herbert Maxwell in his book 'Dumfries and Galloway'. There can be little doubt tht after such a fight, members of the losing side, daring not to re-occupy their homes for fear of reprisals, betook themselves to the short sea journey by sailing boat to Ulster, and from that time many Scots began to settle permanently in Ireland. In Scotalnd there were many branches of the Maxwell clan and each had its own neighbourly feud.

Thomas evidently established himself as a self succesful merchant in 1680 when he made the first land transaction of which there are record, as recorded in Version B of 'Account' by Charleton Maxwell. Which shows he acquired 20 messuages, etc. 40 acres of moor and all manner of oblations, tythes of grain and garbor for seven hundred pounds sterling in Kilfougher.

It is suggested that through his first marriage with Isabella Moderwell, he acquired landed property in Strabane and the neighbourhood. His will shows he had considerable landed property in Strabane. He made his will on the 30th May 1702 and died in the same year. The will was destroged in the Dublin Four Courts 1922 fire, however a photograph of the will was retained, which states "Seal. Stag Couchant before a Holly Bush". A Stag Couchant is the well known crest of some Maxwell families of the Lowlands of Scotland, signifying that he was a member of the clan."


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