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Title: John Maxwell Died 1786 Virginia
Posted by: Jeff Maxwell
Date: 05 January 2013

I'm hoping someone here might be able to assist me in tracing by family back past John Maxwell (d. 1786 Rockbridge, VA). I'm a direct descendant of his son James Maxwell "The Great White Chief," and I'm finding a lot of ambiguity going farther back than John.

John's importation record from 1740 lists a Thomas, but his son Thomas wasn't born until 1747. Some sources transcribe the importation record as his father Thomas, which makes sense.

I'm finding various entries in other family trees showing my John Maxwell as being born anywhere from 1690 to 1719 in Ireland (Most sources show 1719, a few 1701, only one 1690). He married Margaret Mary Carson (aka Mary Margaret Carson) in Ireland c. 1723-1727.

There are many family trees showing a Thomas Maxwell born in 1666 in Kirkconnel, Scotland who died in 1760 in Augusta Co. Virginia (the parent county of Botetort, Rockbridge, Tazewell and others), so I believe this Thomas Maxwell would likely have been John's father, but I've been unable to find records of his death beyond the family tree entries.

This particular Thomas Maxwell is usually shown as the son of James Maxwell (b. 1635 Dunfries, Scotland, d. 1720 Boston), but I've got little other evidence to go on at this point.

I'd very much appreciate the assistance of the extended clan on this, if anyone has some to provide.

Thanks in advance,



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