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Title: Re:Re:Maxwells in Missouri
Posted by: Ronald Claude Maxwell
Date: 22 October 2006

Uncle CC

I am your brother Calvin's youngest son (brother to Gary, Dianna and Edward). Mother was Sophie. Visited the Stonehouse cave and that area a few years ago. Still see Gary and Dianna. I am a 21 year Navy veteran, 4 children and 4 grandchildren (Calvin Victor) is our only grandson. Was searching the web when I came across your web page. Would like to obtain a copy of Dr Harvey Maxwell's picture in his civil war uniform. I remember a picture of a civil war officer on a horse in grandpa & grandma's house in Aurora. I think it was great grandpa Dyer. Do you who might have it or where I can get a copy. I have a copy of greatgrandfather Maxwell in a civil war uniform given to me by Dianna. While in the service I communicated and visted great aunt Belle Mathis in California. I still correspond with her grandson. Would love to hear from you. My family and I reside in Silverdale,Washington. It's close to the Naval Base in Bremerton across the water from Seattle.
Hopefully will get to Branson in June for a ship's reunion.


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