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Title: Re:Maxwells in Missouri
Posted by: Claude Clinton Maxwell
Date: 15 September 2003

Please send me your e-mail as this message is too long. I too have looked for more info on Dr Harvey Maxwell w/o any luck.  Have a picture of him and a wife in a civil war uniform given to me by Gladys Ferris who was some kind of relative in the S. Mo hills.  He had a lame leg and couldn't farm like the other boys and so became a doctor, mainly in the Cape Fair & Viola in Stone County, Mo. Gladys Farris maiden name was Edwards and she lived on James River, 12 miles S. of Galena, Mo and 3 miles from Cape Fair.

I met her and one of the Edwards in KC Mo. several years ago and she gave me the picture.  They are all dead now.  I was in Galena and tried to get info about the Maxwells, but it's difficult--court houses burning down, etc.  At one point I was told some records were sealed (that was Cassville) and I couldn't see them.  Surprised in this age of open info, but I didfn't press it. Claude Clinton Maxwell, 3315 NW Pipkin Rd.


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