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Title: Re:Saga of Billy the Kid
Posted by: Robert Stahl
Date: 08 March 2017

Dear George Schooley:

You may have met Deluvina Maxwell, who was the Navajo housemaid in the Lucien B. and Luz B. Maxwell family from time they purchased her as a slave and immediately freed her and accepted her into their household. She knew Billy the Kid, and would be very excited to get copies of the pages of The Saga of Billy the Kid to see what she wrote. If any family stories survive regarding stories she told your kin those would be invaluable to write down.

As we have absolutely no information confirming the father of Henry McCarty/McCarthy and no info on any of his mother’s relatives, there is no way to confirm anyone is or was directly related to the Henry McCarty/McCarthy who became William H. ‘Billy the Kid’ Bonney. However would be nice to see what information Ray McCarty has that ‘proves’ he was related to Henry McCarty/McCarthy.

Please contact me at your very earliest convenience, call if you please. Am anxious to hear from you.

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