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Title: 22nd (Maxwell) Baron of Kirkconnell
Posted by: Francis P. Maxwell of Kirkconnell
Date: 06 September 2004

Although I inherited Kirkconnell my main branch lines are Newlaw and Breoch. My great-Great grand-father's siblings all emigrated to Canada and I would love to find my cousins from this mass exodus! As I have just moved house (very stressful!) My files are all over the place,but if anyone is connected to: Robert Maxwell, born 21 May 1811, John, b.16 July 1815, James b.2nd July 1817, Elizabeth b.1806, Agnes ( married Robert M'Gregor ((She has a large family!))
John had children : Robert George, 1841., Francis Xavier,1844., Joseph Filgiano 1848, Mary Cecilia,1846., Catherine,1853., Elizabeth Agnes,1857.
Back here we seemed to do a lot of dying, so have just struggled through with my sister, Joanna Maxwell Kemp and myself (with five children, only one son though!)
I dearly look forward to hearing from someone out there! as we are probably the closest relations I have, even though we as Maxwells are well spread across the Globe!! 


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