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Title: Re:Re:Re:James Maxwell's age.
Posted by: alex maxwell findlater
Date: 08 May 2001

I am inclined to discount ages stated at marriage.  If they applied for a special license to marry and thus dispensed with the need for banns to be called, either for reasons of speed, secrecy or social status, then they would have to be of full age, unless the father of the one under age was present to give his consent.  This was certainly the case with my great great grand mother, who was married under age in 1827 by license.  I doubt that they would falsify any other details at the time of a marriage.  If the groom's father is declared as a labourer, then he probably is, as there is usually only a desire to up-grade the social status of the parents.  NB Dumfries is in Dumfriesshire and Ayr in Ayrshire and they are some considerable distance apart, although both in SW Scotland.  There was a lot of traffic between Dumfries and Liverpool in the early C19, but the Birmingham marriage seems a bit strange in this context.  Could it be relations in Liverpool, rather than that they came from there?


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