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Title: Re:Marriage by Banns
Posted by: N.Almond
Date: 11 May 2001

I traced marriage through IGI and now have certificate but Mary Maxwell nee Stevenson lived to 90 years and some of her memories were recorded  - all the brides details on this certificate match. There is a family story of elopement but is confused in that it mixes names and family details and places between two generations - we do have proof that these (James and Mary)Maxwell's daughter did elope and the names are correct for her and her husband but they were both born in Nz and eloped to a remote part of this country, i.e. they did not emigrate.The elopement was not spoken about within our family until 50 years ago and details only proven within last 12 months so easy to see how it was attached to an earlier couple whose marriage was not welcomed. Would there be any records of an application to have banns read ? If so where would I find them?    James and Mary Maxwell seem to have had "enough" and probably more  money - they arrived here with windows and doors for their future house as well as some furniture i.e not just the bare necessities for emigration and within 2 years bought a cutter - I don't believe wages alone would have been sufficient for them to acheive that so soon.He traded the cutter and cash and other items for a large block of land shortly after. There  is a story that Mary was among first to pay a passage to NZ and travelled in a cabin but I am not convinced this is correct and have found no indication except in a novel.However does not seem that they were a penniless young couple at time of their marriage.  


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